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Update Concerning Science Fiction Novellas, “A Strange Feeling of Déjà-Vu” & “The Rockford Element”

Posted in Science Fiction Books on December 15, 2017 by rrsws

I have unpublished the eBook versions of, “A Strange Feeling of Déjà-Vu” & “The Rockford Element” on & The only versions that are now available are the audio book versions that you can buy from or The reason why I decided to unpublished the eBook versions is that they are no longer selling. I published the novella titled, “A Strange Feeling of Déjà-Vu” as a paperback book on June 1, 2014. I created the 5″x 8″ paperback book using formatted template that I downloaded to my computer. I worked on the book until it was ready to upload to

I had the option of having them send the paperback file to to be converted into a Kindle eBook. The Kindle eBook was published on June 10, 2014. Then in October of 2014, I created the audio book version using the ACX service. ACX has professional narrators who will read your book and create an audio book version from an uploaded manuscript to their website. You can pay a narrator his fee that can be very high depending on the length of your book or you have the option of making a seven-year 50/50 royalty share contract with the narrator.

Since I was broke at the time, I had no choice but to use the seven-year 50/50 royalty share contract option with the narrator. Since I created the contract in October of 2014, the contract won’t expire until October of 2021. My current age is 73 years old. I would be 77 years old then. Based on Pennsylvania life expectancy, which is 76 for a male and 81 for a female, I could be lying in a grave at the Washington Crossing National Cemetery at that time along with my brothers in arms. That is the history concerning my first novella, “A Strange Feeling of Déjà-Vu.”

Then around February of 2016, I had the dumb idea that I would write a Science Fiction screenplay. Since I didn’t know anything about screenwriting I decided to go over to Barnes & Noble Booksellers located at 300 Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem, PA. I looked at the various books about screenwriting in the store and noticed a large red book titled, “The Screenwriter’s Bible, 6th Edition: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script.” The book’s sales price was 25.00 dollars at the time. I decided to buy the book and read it from cover to cover. Since an experienced Hollywood screenwriter David Trottier wrote the book, it gave me some hope that perhaps I could write a screenplay with the book’s help.

I always loved watching Science Fiction on television or in the movies. The thought that I was going to write my first Science Fiction screenplay, I found very exciting. After I decided what story to write I began the process of writing the screenplay. Since I was broke at the time I couldn’t afford the screenwriting software that was available on the Internet and had to write every line in the script the hard way by using a ruler to make sure it was in the correct position on the script. Anyway, it took me around eight months to write the screenplay titled, “The Rockford Element.”

The first thing I did was to register the screenplay at The United States Copyright Office located at Library of Congress in Washington, DC. I registered my copy using their website The fee was 35.00 dollars. Then I decided that since Amazon Studios was looking for new screenplays that they might want to use my screenplay in one of their movie development projects. I registered on their website and uploaded the PDF file containing my 90-page Science Fiction screenplay. I submitted the screenplay in November of 2015. Amazon Studios held the screenplay with an option to buy for 30 days.

Then I received a message from them that they were not interested in using my screenplay, cancelling their option to buy, and returning the screenplay back to me to sell elsewhere. I had high hopes that I was going to sell my screenplay and get paid 300,000 dollars for what is known as a Spec script. After being a little dishearten by the rejection of my screenplay by Amazon Studios, I decided to register the screenplay on the website called The Blacklist located at The website supposedly has connections to the major film studios in Hollywood California.

After being on their website for around a month and getting no views for my screenplay, I was beginning to get the picture that my wild-eyed dream of being a famous screenwriter was just that, a dream, a fantasy, not based on reality. After being completely disheartened by the idea of never being a famous screenwriter and being up on the stage at the Academy Awards giving my thank you speech to an audience full of famous actors, producers, and directors, I decided to come down to earth and face reality.

Since I actually sold the Kindle version of my first novella titled, “A Strange Feeling of Déjà-Vu,” I decided to convert the screenplay into a novel format and self – published it in February of 2016. I have sold nine copies of, “The Rockford Element,” as a Kindle eBook since February of 2016 and 33 copies of, “A Strange Feeling of Déjà-Vu” as a Kindle eBook since June of 2014.

Based on my current sales as of today December 15, 2017, I have only sold three Kindle eBooks in 2017. Since I wasn’t sure exactly why my sales have dropped off to almost nothing I decided to try an experiment by paying for the advertising of both Kindle books. This turned out to be a very expensive lesson because it cost me around 70 dollars to get 45,000 impressions for both books and only sold two Kindle eBooks.

What this advertising information told me was that the current Science Fiction reader does not like my Science Fiction novellas. Based on this information I have decided that both novellas have run their course in sales and it is time to unpublish them. I can’t unpublish the audio book versions because of my seven-year contract with the narrators of the audio books. The bottom line is that you can still get the audio book versions of the novellas on or I think narrators did the best they could with what they had to work with. I have concluded that I simply don’t have the talent to be a bestselling author and should just watch a good Science Fiction story on television or in the movies.

It has been an interesting journey since 2006 when I first enrolled in a novel writing course but I have to face the reality that I will never be a famous bestselling author or screenwriter. I will continue with the website SRREED.COM until the mapping and the go daddy host expires, which is February 8, 2018. Until then I will continue to use my website to post interesting you tube videos or my you tube video commentary about some some subject for my followers who might find them interesting to watch.


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